Sprinkler Repair

Repair broken sprinklers and systems.

We Can Repair Your Sprinkler System

Not having a properly functioning sprinkler system can cause flooding and dry spots in your lawn. We can repair all systems and will always be honest and upfront with what your best options for repairs are.  Call us today or schedule an appointment via our online form and we will get you back up and running again.

Broken Backflow Valve

The number one cause of a broken backflow valve is not properly winterizing your system. We can replace your broken backflow valve and educate you on how you can prevent it from happening in the future. If we installed your system, we can walk you through the process or you can sign up for our Turn On/Turn Off Service.

Frozen backflow valve repair
A&P Sprinklers and Landscaping winterization service

Turn On/Off Service

Properly maintaining your sprinkler system is important. That is why we offer our Turn On/Off service.

  • Our Turn Off Service is $50. In the fall before everything freezes we will come to your home and winterize your sprinkler system.  When we winterize your system, we guarantee that the system will not freeze and break.  This service is only available on systems that we install.
  • Our Turn On Service is $50. In the spring we will come out and turn your sprinkler system on. While we are there we will make sure that everything is working properly. This service is only available on systems we install.