Hydroseed and Sod

It doesn’t matter whether you are putting together a landscaping package for a commercial or residential project, the choice between hydroseed and sod can be difficult. We can help you determine which solution is best for your project, even if is a combination of the two products.


hyrdoseed your lawn idaho falls

Hydroseed is a cost effective solution to get the lawn. The downside to hydroseed is that for about 6 weeks you have to be careful about what is happening in your yard. Children and pets need to be kept off until the hydroseeding has had a chance to start growing. The advantage to hyrdoseed is the cost, it is about a quarter the cost of sod.

For more information about our hydroseeding process and how to care for your hydroseeded lawn, please go to our Hydroseed page.


installed sod for your lawn idaho falls

If you want instant lawn then sod is the answer. You can leave for work in the morning and by the time you are home from work in the evening you will have a beautiful, green lawn. This is a great solution for people with children or pets who are concerned about them disrupting the growing process of hydroseed.