Finished Touch on Flowerbeds

Looking for the finishing touches to make your flowerbed complete, you are in the right place. Flowerbeds and planter beds look more complete when there is a barrier separating them from the grass. We can install any type of barrier but the most popular two are metal edging and curbing. To finish off the inside of the flowerbeds, we have decorative rock, river rock, or bark. Call today for more information about how we can help you give your flowerbeds that finished touch.

Landscape Borders

Decorative Rock, River Rock and Bark

metal edging around flower beds

Metal Edging

Metal edging is a great solution to help give your flowerbed that clean finished look you are wanting. It helps keep your filler with the flowerbeds and not out in your lawn. Metal edging is a cost effective method and maintenance fee option.

Landscaping for flowerbeds with decorative rock.

Decorative Rock

Decorative rocks are a great way to add that finished look to your flowerbeds. With over 20 color variations to chose from, rocks are a no maintenance option that will withstand our harsh Idaho winters.

Colored curbing around landscaped flowerbeds.


We can’t do it all but we know just the guys to get your curbing done right. Let us know you are interested; we will go over all the options and have our curbing specialist come give you a free estimate.

Landscaping Rock for Flowerbeds in Southeast Idaho

River Rock

Although river rock is just a variation of decorative rock, we list it separate because it is our most popular option. They are beautiful,yet affordable and offer a no maintenance solution to giving your flowerbeds a finished look.

Decorative bark for use in landscaping and flowerbeds.

Decorative Bark

Decorative bark adds a beautiful touch to any flowerbed. It is low cost but does require more maintenance than rocks.